Los Serranos Park in Chino Hills, California

If you’re looking for a place to visit in Chino Hills, California, look no further than Los serranos park. It’s located at 4849 Bird Farm Rd. You can call or visit their website to find out pricing, hours, and more information. Visitors have given this park a 4.8 Star Rating. Visit This Site to more fun places.

Home features

The Los Serranos park in Chino Hills has a name change in store for its new park, which is located in the city’s northwest section. The Parks and Recreation Commission chose the new name Bird Farm Park over the original Los Serranos park name. At one point, the vote seemed to be a tie, but it ended up being 3-2 in favor of Bird Farm. The new mayor, Ray Marquez, was there to attend the meeting and vote for a new park name.


When the state of California decided to establish a bird farm, it sought a suitable location in southern California. The Los Serranos subdivision, which included a country club that opened in 1925, and residential tracts that developed north of it, was a prime candidate. While the country club was not doing well economically, it had the ideal setting for a bird farm.


If you are considering buying a home in Chino Hills, California, you may be wondering about the price of Los Serranos Park. The park is located at 4849 Bird Farm Rd. The phone number is (909) 728-3434, and you can also visit the website. The park is rated 4.8 stars by 30 reviewers. Check Out This Info.


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Price per square foot

If you’re looking for a beautiful home with a great price per square foot, you’ve come to the right place. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath home is located near Los Serranos Country Club and award-winning schools, and offers a 2-car attached garage. The 895 square-foot home is listed for $519,900.


Los serranos park is located at 4849 Bird Farm Rd in Chino Hills, California 91709. For hours and pricing information, call (909) 632-6680 or visit their website. There are 30 user reviews for Los serranos park. See More Information.

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